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Limited neck movement can acupuncture help?

Q:  My son had an accident 9 years ago he is 22 now he had a fusion on his c2 and a plate fitted. As a result of this he has limited movement with his neck and pain and headaches.  He works in the ambulance call centre were he sits using a keyboard a lot. Would acupuncture help and if so whom would be the best in South Wales?


A great deal depends on the extent to which the pain and headaches are a direct consequence of the fusion and plate, and the extent to which the fusion and plate are causing a disruption of the flow of energy into the neck and head. If it is the former, then the very best that someone may be able to provide is some temporary relief. Acupuncture is used for pain relief by both traditional and western medical practitioners, and many Pain Clinics now feature this as a standard treatment option.

The only question mark in using acupuncture in this way is the extent to which the treatment relieves the pain and how sustainable the improvement is. This is often quite a difficult call for the practitioner to make. It can easily become a very expensive routine if treatment only buys limited relief and for a limited amount of time. Clearly many patients are quite happy to get any relief, but most responsible practitioners will ensure that if someone does choose to spend their money not so much on getting better but on not getting worse, they do so with a very clear understanding that this is what is going on.




However, as you can see from the information on the website and also from some of the other answers in this section, Chinese acupuncture theory is premised on a flow of energy called 'qi' whose balance, flow and quantity is largely responsible for the good functioning of the body mind and emotions. Any injury which blocks or damages this flow in what are called channels or meridians can create symptoms such as those your son suffers from, and acupuncture treatment can be used to restore flow and balance in the hope of reducing them. There may have been some disruption of the flow caused by the accident which treatment may be able to help. However, this assessment could only really be made face to face,and your best best is to see if a BAcC member local to you is happy to give up a small amount of time without charge, as most are, to see whether in their view acupuncture may be beneficial in this way.




We do not give individual recommendations for the simple reason that to join the BAcC practitioners have to meet exacting standards which means all are equally capable of dealing with whatever comes their way.


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