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I have colapsed vertebra

I have a collapsed 3/4 vertabrea ,which has been laminated ,but causes me dreadfull pain due to nerve damage .do you think acupunture or an of your oother procedures can cut down this nerve pain?


A: Although acupuncture treatment can be extremely helpful for dealing with some kinds of chronic pain and neuropathic pain, as our factsheets show:
there are limits to what one can achieve where there has been physical damage to bone or nerve. If the pain does arise from a damaged nerve, then the best that one might hope for is a reduction in the pain, and the equation to play with then is the extent to which treatment gives relief from the pain and how long relief from pain can be sustained. If regular treatment over a extended period is possible, it is known to relieve pain sufficiently and enable a productive life.  However, each case is different and it’s advisable to contact a fully qualified practitioner who can give a honest assessment of what can be achieved.


That said, the advantages of using traditional medicines such as acupuncture is that they have a very different basis for understanding the workings of the body, is drug free and with limited side effects, there is always a possibility, however remote, that something diagnosable and treatable within the paradigm of Chinese medicine might offer substantial relief. However, to be able to establish this you would need to see a BAcC member face to face to get a proper assessment of whether he or she thinks they could do something to help you.

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