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Acupuncture for musculoskeletal neck/arm problem after heart attack and coronary stent?

Q:  Is it ok for a patient to receive acupuncture for an musculoskeletal neck/arm problem if he/she has had a heart attack and coronary stent and must be on dual antiplatelet therapy for 1 year. (Aspirin aand Clopidogrel)



A:  There is no reason of which we are aware why someone should not have acupuncture treatment for a musculo-skeletal problem against this general health background. The heart condition and stent are not a contra-indication in themselves, and BAcC members are trained very carefully in how to manage patients taking any form of anticoagulant medicines. If there is a reaction to needling, a responsible practitioner will either modify the technique to reduce the possibility of bleeding or bruising, or suggest alternative forms of treatment.
The data gathered from safety studies does not suggest that acupuncture treatment, if properly performed, is a high risk activity in this area, and we are not aware of many direct reports to us or to our professional insurers from people on anti-coagulant medication who have suffered any detriment.



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