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Can acupuncture help with long term pain from a trapped nerve in the neck?

A great deal depends on the reason for the entrapment. In some cases people are beginning to show deterioration of the cervical spine through age, and the compression which this can cause, with consequent nerve impingement, is not something which treatment can reverse.

However, this is to take a somewhat pessimistic view of what is happening. We tend to look at structure first. Although acupuncture can be quite effective at treating chronic neck pain, as our factsheet shows

if there is a structural misalignment which is the likely cause you may be better off seeing a chiropractor or osteopath in the first instance to pop the neck back into place. After this, there may well be good reason to have acupuncture treatment because the adjustment might be resisted by muscles which have become 'set' in an abnormal state, and need some help to re-adjust to normal function. Many members work closely with osteopaths and chiropractors, referring backwards and forwards to nudge the system back into place.

A:  This, though, is to take a very western view of what is happening. From a Chinese medicine perspective the pains which are described as 'trapped nerve' or 'muscle spasm' can often be a direct expression of a blockage in the flow of energies or a more long standing systemic weakness. If this is the case, no amount of manipulation will hold changes in place, and acupuncture may treatment well be the best option.

The best advice we can give, without knowing the wider context of your problem, is to pop in to see a BAcC member local to you and seek a brief face to face assessment of what may be possible. We are confident that they will offer you advice which is geared to your specific needs, not simply book you straight in without demur.

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