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Pain after acupuncture for sciatica?

Q:  I have bad sciatica had 3 visits to a chiropractor and started to feel a bit better  yesterday.  I was given acupuncture in the bottom of my spine.  The needles caused me a lot of pain when inserted and since then I am in so much pain feeling  like raw nerves -  is this normal ?

A:  We would hesitate to use the word 'normal' in circumstances like this but it can happen.

 There are two possibilities. First is that the treatment has caused an exacerbation of the original problem. This can happen with treatments for back, neck and sciatica types of pain, and if this is the case then the feeling will subside within 48 hours, or by the time you read this reply. Many health professionals like us, osteopaths and chiropractors do warn people that this can happen, and take it as a good sign that the treatment has 'engaged'. 

 The reaction is not usually that severe, however, normally the existing problem plus a bit more, so we suspect that the problem may well have been caused by the treatment. Chiropractors are not within the mainstream of acupuncture practice within the UK, and many learn small amounts of acupuncture for treating specific problems within their scope of practice. This can mean that there use of needles is slightly more hard-hitting than, say, a traditional acupuncturist who is trying to move energy. Trying to get a neuro-physiological effect can sometimes mean using thicker needles and deeper insertions, and with that the risk of a bruise or a slight nerve impingement increases considerably. This does not usually mean permanent damage; even when people do suffer treatment injuries very few indeed cause more than a short lived problem. It does mean, though, that there can be a very different kind of post treatment pain, often sharp and severe.

 The best thing to do is to discuss the problem with the person who gave you the treatment to see if they can provide any illumination about where they were needling, how deeply and with how much manipulation, to get a sense of what damage might have been caused and how quickly it will resolve. If it carries on for a week then it would be advisable to arrange a GP appointment for the doctor to have a look at what is going on, and possibly prescribe some pain relief.

 The chances are that the reaction is the former. We certainly hope so, and this will mean that it has resolved by the time you read this. If it hasn't, then it would warrant further investigation

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