Can acupuncture help tension in the shoulder and back muscles?

Acupuncture is used by practitioners of all traditions - chinese medicine, conventional medicine, physiotherapy - for the treatment of muscle tension. Obviously the way that each explains the symptoms will be very different, as will the rationale for the treatments they give. Chinese medicine talks in terms of the flow of energy, called 'qi', and its balance, flow and rhythms, whereas the western medical practitioners will speak of knots in muscle or trigger points which need to be released. In many cases the needles will be applied to roughly the same places.
As practitioners of Chinese medicine we clearly believe that the lineage which Chinese medicine represents, with the wisdom of over two thousand years of treatment behind it, offers a better chance to understand not simply the problem but the backdrop against which it is set. Chinese medicine is emphatic that the symptom is not the same as the problem, merely a sign that something has gone wrong with the overall balance. If you correct a symptom without reference to the pattern in which it appears, there there is a chance that it will recur.
In the case of muscle tensions this is a little less likely, but the practitioner will be as interested in the way that the problem appeared as in the problem alone. There is a great deal of tension in the modern world and sometimes people have a pain in the neck because they live or work with one. Seeing how the probem has developed and is sustained by the system is important.
We always recommend that someone visits a BAcC member local to them because a bried face to face assessment by a skilled practitioner will elicit much better advice than we can give here about whether your particular presentation is suited to acupuncture treatment, or whether there are other forms of intervention that may help you more effectively. 

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