Acupuncture for sports injuries

Q:  I'm am thinking about acupuncture for reactivating & stimulating my left leg & glute due to a sport injury from many years ago.  I have been having physio for a year with no affect will acupuncture  help?

A: As out fact sheet shows
there is a growing body of evidence that acupuncture is being used more routinely for dealing with sports injuries. Anecdotally we are aware of a number of world athletic teams who use acupuncture as a routine part of their maintenance programme, and many physiotherapists now specialise in sports medicine in which acupuncture plays a prominent role.


If you have been having physio for over a year with little impact, it suggests that whatever is causing the blockage or restriction in the flow of energy to your gluteus muscles and legs is not straightforward. We are assuming that you have had a full neurlogical assessment, and if you have not, then we woudl recommend that you see your GP and arrange for this to be done. If there has been nerve damage in the lower spine, then you may need to seek specialist advice on your options.


Assuming that this is a straightforward failure to repair, from a Chinese medicine perspective it will be a matter of exploring whether the blockage or loss of flow, which is often the case with this type of presentation, is down to a local obstruction or whether the problem overlies a more systemic weakness or difficulty which is hindering your progress. A skilled practitioner should be able to tell you very quickly what kind of problem this is and offer you advice on how best to proceed. Visiting a BAcC member local to you will give you the clearest assessment of what can be achieved.


One thing we need to mention is that we often find that people trying to regain fitness tend to over-exercise in pursuit of their former levels of performance. Exerting full force on muscles, even in the super-fit, can cause micro-tears which take a few days to recover. If someone starts to exercise too soon, or carries on to work through it, it will simply a low level but continuous niggle which will not improve. We would recommend that alongside your acupuncture treatment, should you decide to go ahead, you might want to seek the advice of a specialist in sports injuries to assist your recovery. Many of these are associated with or attached to professional sports teams, and it should be relatively easy to track down one who works in your area. If they are any good their reputation will go before them!       

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