I have pulled my hip flexor muscle and wanted to speak to someone if acupuncture could help my recovery

The treatment of muscular injuries by BAcC members is relatively common, and often takes place within an existing course of treatment for another presenting condition - many patients are surprised to find that their practitioner can do something about a contingent injury while they are being treated for somethin entirely different. Their experience is usually of western medicine, where each condition opens up a new path for treatment. Chinese acupuncture, however, treats the patient, not the condition, and while some things are simply a consequence of injury or accident, there are often underlying patterns which inform why the problem has arisen and how to deal with it.

There are, however, relatively few studies of the treatment of specific muscle groups, and most studies are often very diffuse, or tend to look at specific and very precise physiological mechanisms, as our factsheet on sports injuries shows.


Where someone has a specific injury of this kind we always recommend that they visit one of our members for a better and more informed view of whether treatment will help their specific situation. They may want to look at the way that the problem manifests, as well as asking what makes it feel better or worse, whether the time of day makes a difference, whether medication helps and whether it causes other side effects, before giving you an idea of how acupuncture may be of use to you.

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