Will acupuncture help with an old football injury?

Q. Will acupuncture help with an old football injury? I have small broken bones in my foot and arthritus, I am taking cyzpain relief but am now walking with a limp. I enjoy walking and a Munroe bagger with one mountain to finish all of them.


A. The adage that the longer a problem has been around, the longer it takes to shift tends to be true. It depends to a great extent on how old 'old' is. This is not simply a question of the injury itself, but of the kinds of secondary accomodations which the body has made to cope with the original problem. It is not unusual for people with a severe pain on one lower limb to start to favour the other, and the slight change in posture can then lead to lower back pain and other musculo-skeletal aggravation.



There is some evidence that acupuncture can help osteoarthritis, although clearly if a joint has badly deteriorated there is not much that treatment can offer. Reducing the inflammation may be the best that one can hope for, but relief will probably be temporary. Our factsheet here gives a good indication of the kinds of research which exist.


It is very likely that if the problem is quite old, you may need to consider some other kinds of help if the inflammation and pain start to reduce. Physiotherapy or osteopathy may well be a good secondary treatment for the realignment of the body's structure, and there are a substantial number of BAcC members who are dual qualified. If one works in your area it may well be worth asking their advice on what may be possible.


And we wish you every success in reaching the top of that last peak!

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