Can acupuncture be used for treatment for osteoposis currantly having pain in buttock and down leg

There is not a great deal of evidence from research trials for the treatment of osteoporosis with acupuncture. There are some very positive laboratory-based studies of the treatment of rats, but nothing of substance on human subjects.



However, it sounds from your question as though the pains may be coming from sciatica induced by the erosion and collapse of the lower vertebrae, and there is certainly more evidence suggesting that acupuncture may be of use with this, as can be seen from our factsheet here


As far as the underlying problem is concerned, however, while Chinese medicine works from an entirely different theoretical basis, the problems which people now face are no different from ones have faced for thousands of years. There are a number of ways in which what we term 'osteoporosis' was recognised and treated. In some systems of Chinese medicine the treatment offered is aimed directly at the problem; in others, the treatment is much more a matter of balancing up the energies of the body in the simple belief that where balance exists, symptoms disappear.


The important thing to remember, though, is that direct physical loss or damage is the same in any system of medicine, and in the words of the sales slogan, 'once it's gone, it's gone'. For chronic degererative conditions the best hope is that things get worse slower or stay at the stage they have reached, so this is very important to bear in mind if you choose to seek treatment from a BAcC member.

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