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Is there anyone in my area to treat me with acupuncture for insomnia?

Q:I have suffered from insomnia for 25 years. I had acupuncture 20 years ago which did help me sleep eventually for a year. Since then I have tried hypnotherapy, counselling and I am on and off sleeping tablets which make me feel groggy. I am now re looking at acupuncture but I am not sure who to see? The previous acupuncture clinic of 20 years ago is no longer there. I live in Chandlers Ford Hampshire. Any suggestions would be greatly received as I feel so exhausted all the time.

A:  We are sorry to hear that your sleeping problems have returned but pleased to hear that they responded well to acupuncture before. This usually means that there is good reason to expect that they will do so again.

Finding a practitioner local to you could not be easier. On our website home page there is a postcode search facility which will offer you a number of suggestions who are geographically nearest to you. All of our members are trained and qualified to the same very high standards, so it is really a matter of finding someone who you can do business with. Most practitioners are more than happy to invite you for a brief face to face assessment before you commit to treatment and this will offer you a chance to meet them in their work surroundings.

We hope that acupuncture treatment offers the same results again and helps you to regain your joie de vivre.


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