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Is there acupunture for online game addiction?

Although the ancient Chinese were not beset by the problems of online addictions to gaming websites or other modern problems, addictive behaviour is as old as time. The Chinese would have interpreted this within their own medical systems as a form of imbalance where someone performs an activity beyond the point where it could be considered appropriate, and would have used the more generalist approach of balancing the whole system rather than using specific 'anti-addiction' points. There are one or two specific conditions which a practitioner might recognise and which might provide a more direct route for treatment, but generally the forms of modern addiction which we now see would have been alien to the Chinese way of looking at the world.


There are a number of organisations which use a specific form of ear acupuncture to treat addictions to alcohol, drugs and other forms of repetitive activity, and many of these have now grouped themselves together under the heading 'micosystems acupuncture' and achieved recognition by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).  Their members are now entitled to register with the CNHC, and a list of them can be obtained from the CNHC website at:


It is possible that some of these practitioners will have treated problems of addiction to online gambling, and have strategies which they could employ.


The other best advice, as always, is to contact a BAcC member local to you for specific advice on an inividual basis. Most members are happy to give up a short amount of time without charge to discuss whether acupuncture treatment would be appropriate.