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Procedure for acupuncture to treat anxiety

Q: Two questions; the first, could you tell me the procedure for acupuncture to treat anxiety and second, could you tell me of any specialist acupuncturists that treat anxiety in my area. I live in Newark on Trent NG24.

A:  This may seem a little bit of a non-answer but there are no specific procedures for treating anxiety, nor specific points used for the treatment. The great strength of Chinese medicine is that it treats every person as a unique individual, and treatment is accordingly personalised to the unique needs of each individual. Western disease labels are useful but far too inclusive, and a practitioner of Chinese medicine will want to know exactly how you experience anxiety. There is a cluster of possible symptoms, and seen from a Chinese medicine perspective these will illuminate a diagnosis about how the system as a whole is coping. Treatment is then primarily aimed at restoring balance to the whole system in the simple but effective (from our point of view!) that a system in balance sorts itself out.

There are obviously some parts of the system which are more likely to be implicated in the usual suspects of anxiety, like palpitations, insomnia or panic attacks, but in Chinese medicine the symptom and the cause are rarely the same thing. Treating symptoms after a cook-book formula style may buy someone a little bit of remission, but will not be as effective as treating the underlying problem. This is where the true skill and art of the practitioner lies.

It also follows that there are no specialists in this area. We are all equally well trained to treat people, whatever their specific symptoms. There is a small number of areas like paediatrics and obstetrics where we are in the process of recognising what counts as expert practice, but we do not anticipate defining expert practice in areas like anxiety or depression for the foreseeable future. In fact in ancient China the specialist was somewhat looked down on for only treating a small range of problems, and the generalist was the most highly esteemed.

If you use the postcode facility on our home page you will be able to find a number of practitioners who are geographically closest to where you live. Most are more than happy to afford you a short time without charge to discuss how acupuncture may be of benefit to you, and this will give you an opportunity to meet them and see where they work, which many prospective patients find very reassuring.


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