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Can acupuncture help dealing with in built reactions such as a fear in certain situations?

A:  We would perhaps need a little more information before we could give a more definitive view.

 We imagine that by 'fear in certain situations' you might mean a specific phobic response, like to heights, dogs or even some people! A great deal would depend on whether the fear was consistent with some of the patterns in the body's energy, and therefore a rather more extreme reaction of a kind which was commonly experienced, or whether it was caused by a specific primary event. If it was the latter we suspect that other forms of treatment like hypnotherapy or even cognitive behavioural therapy might be a more precisely targeted response.

 That said, the word 'appropriate' appears in a great many explications of ancient texts, and arises from a basic premise that a person in balance will experience all emotions in reasonable proportion to the circumstances which cause them, Everyone grieves when they lose a loved one, but to grieve for twenty years or to not grieve at all would be unusual reactions. Of course, no-one is in perfect balance, and there are many imbalances which predispose people to have rather unpredictable emotional responses in certain situations or occasionally a stuck response, 'angry at everyone and everything.' In such cases, there may well be remedies within Chinese medicine which can point to ways of balancing the system up and reducing the impact of some of the emotional responses.

 In short, if the fear which you experience in some cases is an extreme case of a pattern which tinges all of your experience then acupuncture treatment could well help. The best thing to do, though, since we do not really have enough to go on here, is to contact a BAcC member local to you for advice. Most are very happy to give up a little time without charge to discuss whether treatment would be of benefit, and they will also almost certainly know of reputable therapists in other fields if they think that something like hypnotherapy would be a better bet.

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