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Could Acupuncture help with Hemi Facial Spasms?

Q: Could Acupuncture help with Hemi Facial Spasms?

A: Intuitively acupuncture would seem to be an obvious treatment for a condition like this.  Chinese medicine has a way of describing disturbances in function (in this case the facial nerves) within the context of the flowing nature of qi (energy).  Utilizing the pathways of the flow of energy to promote the smooth passage of qi in the affected areas and so possibly seeing improvement in the way the nerves behave, can be seen a improving this condition.  In Chinese medicine theory, many tics and tremors are seen as a manifestation of Internal Wind, and there are well established treatment protocols for addressing this.
Our best advice for conditions like this, though, is always to visit a BAcC member local to you and ask for a brief face to face assesment of what they think might be able to influence. It’s always worth a go to find out how much improvement can be made.   

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