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Q. hello, my mother has recently been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia of an alzheimer type with parkinsons. She is prone to shakes, getting quite anxious over small changes to her routine , plus currently in a low mood. I am looking to see if something like acupuncture can provide her with some help. ...and then finding a practioner who is experienced in dealing with this type of condition with acupuncture. Can you help me out at all with some advice. Thanks!


A. This is a very difficult problem for which to give advice. It is highly unlikely, given the severity and number of the symptoms, that acupuncture will have a great deal of effect on your mother's physical deterioration.



There is little or no evidence that acupuncture has a well-documented effect on conditions such as these, and it would be irresponsible of us to create false expectations by suggesting so.


What we do hear very often, however, is that acupuncture treatment appears to help people to cope better with difficult conditions. Whether this is the treatment itself or the care and attention which our members give is disputed by detractors, but inside the profession we often hear reports back of people feeling 'better in themselves and better able to cope' so there may some benefit to your mother of this kind.


All of our members are equally well-qualified to deal with any person asking for their help, although it is fair to say that when dealing with progressive and deteriorating conditions it helps to have had some experience of working with similar cases. If you contact BAcC members local to you for advice we are sure that they will give you an honest assessment of whether they are equipped to deal with your mother's case and if they feel it is beyond their limits of competence to recommend someone who may be able to help.

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