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Joint problems, depression and stress

Q:  I have several health issuse's where i feel mainsteam medical isn't helping.  I have joint problems which are getting worse, depression ( and related illness to this such as stress etc).  I am  looking for advice reguarding this and to see if acupuncture or related treatments could help and advise as to where to go. 

A:This is not unique to Chinese medicine and the best of conventional medicine will offer the same. It was, after all, the great Canadian physician William Osler who said,' don't tell me what disease the patient has, tell me what kind of patient has the disease'. This, however, is at the heart of what we do as Chinese medicine practitioners, and informs how we work.

As such the best advice that we can offer is that you visit a BAcC member local to you and ask their advice about whether treatment could work for you. Most are more than happy to give up a few minutes without charge to give someone a better informed view, and most are honest enough to say that there may be other and better options if they believe this to be the case. You can find the nearest people to you simply by using the postcode search facility on our home page.

We think that acupuncture treatment may be an ideal starting place, though. The worst problem with having a number of conditions which all combine is that they feed on each other and create a downward spiral of discontent. If something can break that cycle then the body and mind can start to heal. Less stress can mean a better flow of energy and more chance for joints to recover, less pain can mean less depression and so on. With its track record for treating all three issues as a part of treating the whole person there should be some benefits, and the only issue would be likely to be how much benefit and how sustainable the effects of treatment would be.

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