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Is acupuncture effective against cortico basal degeneration.

 We have to be honest and say that there is no recorded evidence that we can find to support a claim that acupuncture can treat cortico basal degeneration.

 The diagnosis of the condition itself is not that easy, with most determinations being made post mortem and the condition most often diagnosed by recognising what it is not. It has  a number of similarities with Parkinsons Disease, and is often treated with the same class of drugs, but there is not a great deal of conclusive evidence for acupuncture successfully treating that either. What we tend to say to most patients who come to us with degenerative conditions is that the best we may be able to achieve is to slow down the rate of degeneration. As one rather inspired patient said many years ago, 'I think I'm getting worse slower'.

 Of course, the ancient Chinese would have had no idea about the specifics of conditions like this. Indeed they didn't entirely associate consciousness and cognitive function with the brain. What they would have done is to make sense of the symptoms of a condition within the framework of functional understanding which they had, and to treat accordingly. This can sometimes generate some unexpected results; not all of the problems which someone may develop may be primary issues to do with the main diagnosis, and may resolve to a good degree. One of the problems with having a 'headline' condition is that nearly every new symptom is attributed to it, and this may well not be the case.

 We are always very careful to counsel patients with problems like this about having unrealistic expectations of what may be possible. Once that has been taken on board, though, we do find that many patients derive a great many benefits from acupuncture treatment. In its oldest form, for example, Chinese medicine was about simply balancing up the system in the expectation that a system in balance could correct itself, and the main focus of treatment in ancient times was keeping people well, not getting them better after they became ill which was said to be like 'digging a well when you were already thirsty or forging a spear after the battle has started.'

 The best advice is always to pop in to see a BAcC member for an informal chat to see what they find and to give advice better crafted to your individual needs. Most members are happy to give up a few minutes without charge and this will also give you a chance to meet them and see where they work before committing to treatment.


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