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Can acupuncture cure an irrational fear?

Over the years we have had a number of questions about phobias, and the most recent composite answer we gave about a fear of flying was:

It was always said that if you wanted to get a straight answer from a doctor, you should ask them, 'would you be happy for your wife to have this treatment?' So, I suppose if you said to us, 'would you recommend acupuncture to your family to overcome a fear of flying?', the answer would probably be 'no'. This is not to say that it might not work; over many years of practice we have heard of a number of almost incredible stories about changes which people have managed to make thanks to treatment, and quite often by the practitioner simply sticking to very basic traditional acupuncture. Extreme reactions of any kind are, from a traditional acupuncture perspective, indications that a part of the system is out of balance and generating inappropriate emotional or mental responses. It is sensible to be mildly apprehensive about flying, just as it is to be mildly scared of heights. If the faculty of sensible fear is out of balance, then extreme reactions abound.However, with a problem such as this there are other possibilities which seem to us to go to the heart of the problem much more directly. Hypnotherapy or CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) are both well tried approaches for phobias, with the added advantage in the case of hypnotherapy of being able to do trial runs under the power of suggestion. There are a great many forms of hypnotherapy, all of which have their strengths, but those based around NLP and the work of hypnotherapist Milton Erickson seem to have the most well attested handle on treating phobias.There is no doubt that you would probably derive some benefit from acupuncture treatment in terms of a reduction in anxiety, as our factsheets show, and always the possibility that a skilled practitioner might look at your overall balance and get that feeling that there is something obvious to be done which may help. It is more probable, though, that they would do as this expert would, refer you to a trusted colleague who does hypnotherapy or CBT to ensure that your needs were skillfully and professionally met.Because traditional acupuncture treats the person, not necessarily the condition they have, there is a danger that this can be re-framed as 'acupuncture can treat anything', and occasionally incautious practitioners let patients' expectations run away with them. From a Chinese medicine perspective every aspect of the human being, every inappropriate mental, physical, emotional or spiritual state, is theoretically amenable to change by treating the person as a whole. However, our clinical experience is that there are many problems, such as terminal illnesses or serious psychotic states, where expectation of recovery is virtually nil, and it is highly risky to feed the desperate need of patients with statements which might lead them to have hope where there is none. Cases like yours, although not quite as serious, nonetheless can represent entrenched patterns of thought and behaviour which require specialist skills to unravel.We think that this still represents the best advice that we can give, especially given the timescales involved. If you are London based, and your friend is also London based this is probably the best place to be in terms of finding someone who could possibly help. Your friend may even be able to get CBT sessions through the NHS if she has a sympathetic GP who understands both the urgency and importance of the situation. If not it can be a bit of a minefield finding someone who is appropriately qualified and appropriately skilled. The challenge is finding someone who does what your friend needs.If you want to see what we mean you could do worse than look at this brief video presentation by Richard Bandler, who along with John Grinder first set down the principles and practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

There are many hundreds of practitioners in and around London, as there are throughout the UK, who use the same techniques, and we would assume may be able to offer the same effective process. Of course, as practitioners we would always be interested to see how the energy of the person had been affected for such an inappropriate response take such a strong hold, and perhaps when she returns from a successful and wonderful trip she might choose to explore this. Howe ever, first things first, and with only three weeks to spare, what we have suggested is probably the most likely way to get her to Australia.

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