I am suffering from slight to mild anxiety (and OCD) and I'm currently going through a course of CBT

Q. Hi, thank you for taking time to read and reply to my email. I am suffering from slight to mild anxiety (and OCD) and I'm currently going through a course of CBT with a therapist and he recommended acupuncture as a possible way to help relieve it. Will this help and where would you recommend I go for it in glasgow?

A. While the evidence (see our factsheet) for the use of acupuncture in the treatment of anxiety is not yet conclusive, there are promising signs in some trials, and certainly no evidence that any harm has befallen someone treated for this. From a Chinese medicine perspective, where many patterns of disharmony and imbalance are tied to the word 'appropriate', anxiety states which are reasonable to have in some circumstances become locked in a pattern which does not relent, and begin to manifest themselves at inappropriate times until they often become a way of living. Just as the CBT and conventional medicine aim to break the cycle which maintains this unwanted response to daily life, acupuncture treatment in Chinese medicine is aimed at re-establishing patterns of health on all levels - physical, mental, emotional. The simple underlying premise is that a system in balance corrects its own symptoms naturally, and leads to a set of more appropriate responses to the challenges of modern life. We do not give personal recommendations for specific members; in our view all of our members are trained to a standard which guarantees that your concerns will be addressed safely, competently and ethically. It may be worth contacting one or two members in the area if you decide to go ahead with treatment, because a good rapport with the practitioner can sometimes enhance the outcomes of treatment.

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