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Can acupuncture help with paralysis after a brain haemorrhage?

Q:  My sister aged 31 had brain haemorrhage and paralysis on 30th March, 2016 (9:00 AM). She was 7 weeks pregnant that time thru IVF. Due to large infarcts in right brain, doctors went for craniotomy same day at 11:30 PM and she had 28 stitches in head.

After staying 6 days unconscious, and 22 days in ICU, she was brought home after 1 month from hospital. Now at home, her baby is normally growing and double marker test is fine. She is taking all foods from mouth directly, no support and no tubes.

But, she has no movement in her left hand and leg. Physiotherapy is going on. She is speaking well, brain working fine, memory is sharp.

Could acupuncture can help with  her paralysis?

A: We are really sorry to hear of your sister's problems; that must have been a terrible shock to all of you. It's good that she has made the recovery she has so far, and that the baby is well.

The nearest equivalent research that we have which can offer some positive hope of a good outcome is research into the use of acupuncture treatment in the recovery from stroke. On our website there is a rather dense review paper

which goes through in great detail the various papers which show encouraging possibilities for the use of acupuncture treatment. It used to be the case, and is still likely to be, that acupuncture treatment was commenced on the day of a stroke itself. The Chinese medicine understanding of what is happening in a stroke or CVA is given the generic term 'wind stroke' and is seen as a disruption of the flow of energy in the channels caused by an uncontrolled upsurge in the head. The treatment strategy is very straightforward; restore proper flow in the channels or meridians on the affected side as soon as possible. Treatment would often involve a course of daily or even twice daily sessions for several weeks to try to restore energy flow as quickly as possible before the post-stroke pattern is established as a norm.

This always raises questions in the West, where if someone is lucky acupuncture treatment might be possible four to six weeks after the CVA itself, of whether a late start hinders the chance of recovery. We would have to be honest and say that the later start would possibly slow down progress, but not stop it. The received wisdom is that within the first year there is always something that can be done, but this is not a precise judgement. This expert has seen good changes in someone two years down the line and treated others within the year to no effect. It really is a matter of the individual circumstances and the strength of someone's constitutional energy. At 31 your sister has a better chance than many.

The confounding factor is the pregnancy. Generally we all try to treat with as little intervention as possible during the pregnancy, and there is now a solid strand of postgraduate training in acupuncture for pregnancy, fertility and childbirth that we are on the verge of defining what would constitute expert practice and the ability to define oneself as a specialist. It would be ideal if any practitioner your sister saw had this training. However, the issue here is what may have caused the infarct. From a Chinese medicine perspective there are a number of possibilities, the treatment of which alongside the pregnancy and the post-stroke recovery might call for a level of expertise and experience which not all of our members might feel that they have. You may have to ask around a little to see who might be the best person to see. We tend to be a very honest bunch, and we direct people to those colleagues who we think will be best for the patient's needs.

We hope that your sister finds acupuncture treatment beneficial, if she decides to go ahead with it, and that the rest of her pregnancy is trouble-free and rewarded with a happy outcome.

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