Acupuncture in the news

Source: Metro

Date/Issue: 24th November 2018

Acupuncture: the process of inserting small needles into specific spots in the body to encourage natural healing and release your inner chi (life energy).

Source: Mid Sussex Times

Date/Issue: 19th November 2018

The acupuncture team at The Perrymount Clinic in Haywards Heath are encouraging residents experiencing pain to consider treatment at the clinic.

Source: Norwich Evening News

Date/Issue: 15th November 2018

More than 100 years since servicemen returned with shellshock from the battlefields of World War I, Nicky Barrell reports on how acupuncture is being used to treat veteran’s post traumatic stresss

Source: Stray FM

Date/Issue: 12 November 2018

To celebrate World Acupuncture Day Harrogate based acupuncturist Matt Symonds has been explaining how it can help a range of health problems.

Source: Women's Health

Date/Issue: 9 November 2018

WH clears up some of the common misconceptions surrounding the ancient Chinese treatment.

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