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How one acupuncturist has supported dozens of couples struggling to start a family

How one acupuncturist has supported dozens of couples struggling to start a family

To mark National Fertility Awareness Week, which runs from 30th October to 5th November 2018 British Acupuncture Council member Lisa Collins MBAcC of Lisa Collins Acupuncture in Shrewsbury a blog about how she has supported dozens of couples struggling to start a family.

I understand that 3.5 million people in the UK are affected by infertility. In 11 years of working as an acupuncturist I have witnessed the impact that fertility issues have on couples trying to create their dream family. I’ve seen dreams dashed but on many occasions I have also seen dreams come true. Totting up my files, there are over 120 babies who have arrived in Shropshire after their parents have seen an acupuncturist.

Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years and yet there is little publicity of how it might help the fertility journey.  Treating the whole person, can improve health whilst alleviating symptoms of illness through the body, mind and spirit.  It can be used in this way to support fertility.  An acupuncturist will see a fertility issue (as with any health issue) as a potential block.  If you clear the block and get the energy moving, the magic happens.

Combining traditional acupuncture alongside modern medicine supports the client by building up their complete health alongside supporting their fertility issue.  I regularly help women with diagnosed conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, undiagnosed infertility or secondary infertility.  I I believe acupuncture can get to work long before couples end up on the IVF route.  However, even if the clock is ticking there are acupuncture point prescriptions which have been developed to help support the IVF process or earlier intervention such as the use of clomid. 

Male fertility can contribute between 40 and 50% of cases.  I have worked with many men in this situation to help them unlock energy.

My more memorable successes involve many clients who have come off the pill and either can’t get their monthly cycle working or they just aren’t getting pregnant.

I have supported those suffering frequent miscarriages too.  Getting pregnant is relatively easy but many women lose babies between 9 and 15 weeks leading to huge anxiety and sadness. With the support of acupuncture on a weekly or fortnightly basis in the first trimester and then monthly, many have managed to get to full term and give birth to healthy babies.

I have also seen ladies who have suffered the trauma of still births or losses because of genetic problems.  These experiences often lead to an inability to get pregnant despite desiring to try again and desperately wanting a baby.  Acupuncture is amazing for post-traumatic stress and helps to reset the body and emotions, ultimately resulting in healthy babies.

The research

The British Acupuncture Council’s head of research, Mark Bovey has compiled this briefing document: ‘Acupuncture has positive impact on the birth rate of sub-fertile women undergoing IVF/ISCI, studies show’ 

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