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BAcC response to Welsh circuit breaker lockdown

BAcC response to Welsh circuit breaker lockdown

The Welsh Government has come to the unfortunate decision of restricting members to remote-only practice from Friday 23 of October until the start of Monday 9 November

This is because, in contrast to the other three nations of the UK, the Welsh government mentions acupuncture specifically as a service that is required to close.

We believe that this decision is based on erroneous classification of acupuncture with unrelated therapies, overlooking it as a legitimate professional health service. We are as disappointed as you are with this outcome, and along with the RCHM, have been working hard to appeal to the Welsh Government to reverse their decision.

As part of this effort the BAcC have written a letter to the First Minister and Health Minister, as well as other key figures in Wales explaining what we believe to be a mistake in their judgement, and a recommendation to reverse their decision.

A copy of this letter can be found below.

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