Response to UK back pain research

The British Acupuncture Council welcomes the publication and coverage of the research in the BMJ. We believe that it will help reinforce the increase in awareness of acupuncture as a recognised, accepted and established method of treatment and also that it will help promote the concept of integrated healthcare to the medical profession and the public at large.

Today's published results* carried out by the University of York, indicate a positive difference for patients who have used acupuncture to help with lower back pain problems. This will further raise the profile of acupuncture as a beneficial therapy, following additional research by the University of Sheffield into its cost effectiveness.

There are 2,500 British Acupuncture Council practitioners across the country who treat many patients for back pain and numerous other conditions, ranging from fertility, mental health and migraines.  

These practitioners focus on treating the patients that visit them in a holistic manner, rather than just dealing with the symptoms described. We believe that this approach has the capability of serving the long-term needs of the patient in a cost-effective and efficient way and that it may also have some positive impact on the costs associated with offering health care to the wider public".

* Results embargoed for Friday 15th September

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To find out more about how acupuncture can help back pain, including the latest research, read our factsheet.

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