Statutory regulation of acupuncture

The Department of Health (DH) consultation on the statutory regulation of acupuncture, herbal medicine and traditional Chinese medicine has reached the public consultation stage. It is essential that the benefits of traditional acupuncture, as practised by members of the BAcC, are made known.


The BAcC actively supports statutory regulation. We believe it will benefit our members and the public by ensuring high standards of care and safety and encouraging the integration of traditional acupuncture into mainstream healthcare.

Individuals and professional organisations have until 16 November 2009 to comment on the consultation document (this date has been extended due to the postal strike). After ten years of consultation this may be our last chance to contribute to the debate on how acupuncture will be regulated by statute.

Acupuncturists and their patients are encouraged to respond directly. Guidelines on how to respond can be found on page 42 of the DH paper. If you feel unable to answer specific questions there is room to make your opinions known in the comments section.

The consultation document can be downloaded from: