BAcC response to University of Oklahoma research - acupuncture and IVF treatment

The University of Oklahoma research (released during the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual conference this week) claims that some acupuncture treatment can have a negative effect on patients receiving IVF treatment.


The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) has previously supported properly executed research studies, many of which promote acupuncture as an aid to fertility.

Previously accredited research studies also show that acupuncture can help improve ovulation and strengthen the uterine lining, helping the successful implantation of a fertilised egg. This, along with other benefits, is believed to explain the very significant increases in IVF success when acupuncture is used.

BAcC practitioners recognise that there are many factors which can cause infertility such as stress, irregular hormone levels and disrupted menstrual cycles and believe that, as a holistic therapy, acupuncture helps to identify underlying health issues which may cause disruption in the body's natural balance, resulting in symptoms such as infertility.

Many BAcC practitioners have experienced positive results with their fertility patients when conventional methods alone have not been successful.

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