National Blood Service certification scheme ends

The scheme which allowed BAcC members to issue certificates enabling patients to give blood without waiting for several months has come to an end.

In implementing European law, the regulatory authorities for blood donation have chosen to use the statutory regulation of the practitioner as the new criterion for exempting people from the waiting period. Sadly this means that until the statutory regulation of acupuncture in two years time, patients of BAcC members will have to wait four months after their last treatment to give blood.

The BAcC has exhausted all avenues for appealing this decision and has had to accept that any further attempts to overturn it may only serve to detract from its own smooth progress towards regulation. Although many patients affected by this decision may want to express their discontent directly to the authorities, the BAcC does not envisage mounting a public campaign to try to reverse the decision.


Mike O'Farrell, BAcC CEO said, 'We have fought this decision very strongly over the last nine months, using all our contacts and resources, but to no avail. I am extremely sorry that we have been unable to achieve success here but it has not been for want of trying.'


The Joint Professional Advisory Committee's Change Notification No. 33 - 2009 can be downloaded from the website of the UK Blood Transfusion & Tissue Transplantation Services via

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