Press Release: Dr Fosters Ethics Committee Finds in BAcC's Favour

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) would like to draw attention to the findings of the Dr Foster ethics committee which upheld complaints from the BAcC and other professional organisations about the compilation of the Dr Foster Complementary Therapists Guide 2004.

Dr Foster Complementary Therapists Guide 2004 is a book which aims to provide consumers with detailed information on complementary therapies and assist in locating a reputable practitioner. BAcC complained about the use of the phrase 'best practice standards' as it felt it implied the setting of professional standards. The Ethics committee have agreed that the way the research was conducted did not make explicit how and why the data was going to be used.

The committee upheld that the use of the phrase 'best practice standards' was misleading and more accurate wording such as 'consumer standards' should have been used instead. It would then have made it clear that Dr Foster Complementary Therapists Guide 2004 was not trying to set professional standards. This wording would also have avoided any incorrect assumptions that practitioners who did not reach 'Dr Foster's best practice standards' were not reaching the required professional standards.

BAcC acknowledges the apology and welcomes the Ethics Committee's offer to facilitate future discussions between it and Dr Foster.
All BAcC members are subject to a strict code of conduct and ethics, have undergone a minimum of three years acupuncture training and are comprehensively insured.

The British Acupuncture Council advises that all potential patients check a practitioner is registered with an appropriate professional body, such as the British Acupuncture Council, before seeking treatment.

Patients can call 0208 735 0400 or visit to check their practitioner is registered with the BAcC.

To see further details of the ethics committee response please visit:

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