Response to Back Pain Research

The British Acupuncture Council fully supports the positive research from the University of Regensburg* (released 25th September 2007), focusing on acupuncture and its effect on lower back pain. We welcome this wide ranging research project that we believe will not only help increase the awareness of acupuncture, but will also help establish acupuncture as a recognised and effective treatment.

Through these controlled research findings demonstrating the effectiveness of acupuncture, we believe that both the medical health profession and members of the public will see the benefits of acupuncture as part of an integrated healthcare service.

We have over 2,800 qualified practitioners across the UK, whose training and practical experiences will be a major aid in the treatment of patients who suffer from back pain, when conventional methods have not been successful.

As a therapy with deep historic roots, we believe that acupuncture will help by treating patients in a holistic manner to determine the underlying health issues and not just alleviate specific symptoms. We believe that this system of medicine makes a positive contribution to the long-term health care of our patients.

Statement attributed to Mike O'Farrell:

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* Research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine

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