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Wednesday, 23 January 2019 10:50

Case study: Amy Ewing and Lewis Stedman



After two years of trying to conceive naturally and failing, we plucked up the courage to admit to ourselves that something was not right and that we had to seek medical advice. It still took another year for us to actually go to the doctors and explain our concerns. When we were struggling to conceive, we felt like people had pity on us. I’ll never forget as we both sat in the waiting room bickering about who was going to speak first once the doctor had called us in. I mean, what do you say?

As it was, the doctor was fantastic and very supportive, immediately referring us to the head of infertility, Mr Randall, at Peterborough Hospital. Meanwhile, my bloods were within range and as I had previously had a positive laparoscopy, they knew that they had some other conditions associated with subfertility ticked off the list already.

Monday, 05 November 2018 12:29

Case Study – Malcolm Rea


Hayfever, muscular pain caused by tendonitis and swelling in his left foot.

About six months ago 75-year-old Malcolm Rea from Bristol went to see an acupuncturist to see if she could help him deal with muscular pain in his right leg caused by tendonitis and swelling in his left foot. He had been struggling with both conditions for several years and was fed up with conventional medics just feeding him more and more drugs and leaving him ‘to just get on with it.’

He booked an appointment with British Acupuncture Council member Amanda Watson of A Watson Acupuncture in Bristol.

He describes what happened next as ‘miraculous’.

Monday, 05 November 2018 12:28

Case Study – Isobel Rees


Severe dermatitis brought on my stress following the death of her husband.

In June 2015 Isobel Rees lost her husband, Trevor, who she had been married to for 37 years. He had fought a long battle against cancer.

Isobel, who lives in the West Midlands, was overcome with grief and struggled to come to terms with her loss.

She was also trying to cope with severe dermatitis, which had developed during the last six months of her husband’s illness and persisted after his death.

Eventually, after repeated visits to her GP and a dermatologist she decided to try acupuncture to relieve her symptoms.

Friday, 02 November 2018 14:28

Case Study – Bernard Martin



Bernard Martin, 92, from Suffolk, first went to see an acupuncturist in 2011 on the insistence of his wife.

He was suffering from chronic pain in his legs, back, chest, shoulders and spine and was finding it difficult to move. His balance was affected and he could not lift his legs up very far. The pain disturbed his sleep and he was on a cocktail of anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers.

Much of the pain was caused by injuries he had sustained during his military career, during which time he had been blown up twice when fighting in Malaysia and had contracted malaria.

His acupuncturist, Annya Stoddart, from the Pain Relief Clinic in Stowmarket, said: “Initially I treated Bernard in a sitting position using needles to clear wind, move qu and blood in his whole body, with particular emphasis on his back.

Friday, 02 November 2018 12:27

Case Study – Simon Brain



Simon Brain was 48 when he suffered a devastating stroke during an army training exercise in the middle of the English Channel.

It happened just before 4pm on 28th August 2015 – the moment, he says, that his life changed forever.

The stroke, caused by a massive blood clot in his middle cerebral artery, left him completely paralysed down the left side of his body and requiring life-saving treatment.

Alongside conventional medical treatment, which included thrombolytic therapy, he believes acupuncture helped him to regain his life.

Simon, who is from Portsmouth, explains what happened on that fateful day three years ago: “I was on military exercise in the middle of the English Channel. My skipper kept asking me if I was alright. It turns out I had a very droopy face. Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t notice that I had lost feeling in my leg and my arm. The next thing I knew I was being laid down on the deck.”