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Case Study – Bernard Martin

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Case Study – Bernard Martin




Bernard Martin, 92, from Suffolk, first went to see an acupuncturist in 2011 on the insistence of his wife.

He was suffering from chronic pain in his legs, back, chest, shoulders and spine and was finding it difficult to move. His balance was affected and he could not lift his legs up very far. The pain disturbed his sleep and he was on a cocktail of anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers.

Much of the pain was caused by injuries he had sustained during his military career, during which time he had been blown up twice when fighting in Malaysia and had contracted malaria.

His acupuncturist, Annya Stoddart, from the Pain Relief Clinic in Stowmarket, said: “Initially I treated Bernard in a sitting position using needles to clear wind, move qu and blood in his whole body, with particular emphasis on his back.

“In the following weeks I treated him lying down on his back and on his front, continuing to clear wind, move qi and blood and adding nourishing qi and blood to his treatment.

“After about eight treatments his pain was virtually gone. When he first came to me his pain was 5.5/10, when he left several years later it had dropped to 3/10. And he had come off all his painkillers.”

She continued: “The best moment of all was when he came into the clinic and said: ‘Look!’. He kicked his leg up into the air and followed that with what became a favourite refrain for many years: ‘I am fit as a butcher’s dog.’”

Annya treated Bernard for nearly seven years.

Bernard said: “When I met Annya it was like meeting an old friend. When I left I felt like I was losing a friend. She is a master at her job, she knows what she’s doing, puts your mind at ease and I’ve never looked back since going there.

“After two to three visits I began to feel the benefits. It’s made so much difference to my life, I have something to look forward to. I can stand for so much longer when I’m working with the lathe and I can twist around the bend much more easily too.”


Notes to Editor:

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