Patient involvement

Patient involvement

Terms of reference

The BAcC works towards ensuring that members obtain the best outcomes for patients and that patient experience is improved. All feedback is very important in helping the BAcC improve and develop services and we value it highly. Our strategy is to involve patients of acupuncture in a variety of ways, with a view that there is no 'one size fits all' approach.

The group was approved to be established by the BAcC Executive Committee in June 2011 as a pilot. It has met for one year and its terms of reference and function were reviewed in September 2012.

Overall purpose

The primary purposes of this group are to

  • Advise how BAcC's strategic and business plans impacts on patients
  • Advise on ethical and practice issues, in particular as it relates to the BAcC's proposed Professional Standards Authority accreditation and reviewing complaints procedures
  • Help make links with patients and voluntary sector organisations
  • Hear patient comments and feedback on acupuncture in general

Minutes will be available for the GB to review

Specific tasks

  • Feedback on the draft BAcC business plan
  • Review relevant policy papers for the Governing Board
  • Comment on BAcC patient facing documents

Meeting schedule

The group will meet twice a year at the BAcC London Office.


The group will consist of:

  • A maximum of 5 patients, using BAcC practitioners
  • A BAcC practitioner member
  • BAcC CEO
  • BAcC staff members may attend by invitation from time to time if their areas of specialist involvement are under discussion.


BAcC will pay travel expenses and a small stipend for the half day meeting – suggested to be £100, for a half day meeting, in line with other lay members


The Chair will be the CEO.


There is no quorum. In the event that a recommendation arises from a meeting at which only two members are present, however, this should be made explicit in any formal recommendations placed before the Governing Board.


If you want to get involved in this liaison group please email Paul Hitchcock or telephone 020 8735 1219.

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