Full UK membership

for graduates of BAAB accredited teaching institutions
who will be living and working in the UK

You are eligible to register as a Full UK member of the BAcC for up to two years from the date you receive official notification that you have successfully completed your training.

Subscription for 2015

We offer a reduced subscription in the year of graduation and for the following two years, to help newly qualified members when building their practice. The table below shows the current annual reductions; a full monthly breakdown is shown when you register online.

Subscription rates for those graduating from BAAB accredited institutions in 2015, 2014 and 2013

  Total Quarterly direct debit
New graduates £226.25 £56.56
1st year renewal £352.50 £88.13
2nd year renewal £478.75 £119.69

After this introductory period your subscription will automatically switch to the full rate, currently set at:

  Total Quarterly direct debit
Full UK membership £605 £151.25

Here you will find more details about membership categories

Registration fee

The first subscription you pay requires an additional one-off registration fee of £30. This fee is charged to all registrants to cover the cost of administration.

How to register

All BAAB institutions send us details of their latest graduates. We then send an invitation to each graduate to register for Full UK membership. If you haven't received your invitation please contact us

Step-by-step guide

For details of each stage of registration through to Full UK membership please read our step-by-step guide pdf_button

Register online now

Please click here to register online for Full UK membership.

If you are not sure whether you are eligible for Full UK membership, please contact BAcC Admissions