Acupuncture in the news

Source: Daily Mirror

Date/Issue: 04 Sept 2017

Experts offer advice on causes, solutions, avoiding attacks and how to relieve the pain to mark Migraine Awareness Week

Source: Men's Health (online)

Date/Issue: 02 Feb 2017

Men's Health magazine item on a new review in the journal Sexual Medicine.

Source: Cycling Weekly

Date/Issue: 01 Sept 2016

Article from Mark Bovey, research manager at the Acupuncture Research Resource Centre/The British Acupuncture Council, written in response to an article by Edzard Ernst

Source: New

Date/Issue: 23 August 2016

After swimmer Michael Phelps showed off his cupping marks, new! takes a look at this ancient healing practice.

Source: BBC (Web)

Date/Issue: 8 August 2016

Athletes  at the Olympics seen sporting mysterious dots as a result of a practice known as 'cupping'

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